SPECIAL FANTASIES – Brandy & Lana vs. Minnie


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Brandy Smile & Lana vs. Minnie Manga


Time: 16 Minutes/ 355 MB

We just love those two on one beat downs, especially when those beautiful sexy Euro girls do it! First there was SF-035-01 and now in this match Brandy and Lana are warming up in the ring when little Minnie comes and tells them she has it reserved, this is just too much for the bigger girls and they decide to give this petit cutie a wrestling lesson, they throw her in the ring and immediately strip her to bra and panties, Minnie is just too cute in her pony tail and earrings, not an ounce of fat on this hottie. Brandy and Lana are much larger and just love to dominate, soon they strip the sleek one naked and Lana puts Minnie in a kneeling surf board, that beautiful young body is stretched so far back and those beautiful little breasts are just too much of a target for Brandy to resist, she tweaks and pulls those perky nipples as Minnie screams in pain. No fat and no hair on the glabrous young body, Minnie is stretched, stoked, pinched and overall assaulted by this duo of destruction – my favorites are the double teamed bow and arrow; stretched so far as each puts a foot in her back, then one pulls the feet while the other pulls the hands – then they double up on a back breaker that again allows for breast and pussy attacks. So many more holds that allow the bigger beauties to teach the petit lass a real lesson in destruction – sexy naked annihilation – you will so love these beauties in action !!!!


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