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Diana Knight vs. JC Marie


Time: 20 Minutes/ 432 MB

Must be time for a good old fashioned slug feast, the hits just keep coming, and the hits sound just like the ones in those old cowboy movies. JC Marie in her see through blouse, skirt and boots is going after Diana Knight in her skin tight sweater, boots and skirt. It’s a battle to see who keeps her skirt on and JC soon gets the upper hand as she gets Diana in the corner and pummels her with gut shots, head shots and that tight sweater makes Diana’s large breasts dance when they get their turn at some hard shots. Diana even gets her skirt ripped off, looks like she’s the loser – not so fast, this is Diana Knight we are dealing with and she doesn’t go down easy. Yes, Diana gets her turn and boy does she go to town on poor JC, she hits the blonde so hard she makes both their breasts dance. She beats her in the corner, she beats her on the mat, then she puts JC on her knees and smacks her silly. She walks her around the ring before she strips the skirt off, not just the skirt, her top and boots; leaving the beautiful blonde almost naked, she lies battered and destroyed – just the way the sexy brunette likes her women !!!!!!


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