SPECIAL FANTASIES – Francesca vs. Lana Part 2 of 2


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Time: 23 Minutes/ 463 MB

Wet, wet and wetter – that’s right, get out the towels because these two are are going all the way with wet; Francesca Le and Lana Violet are having a kissing and sucking contest. Franny is queen of the lesbian strip club and she is out to prove no young upstart can ever take her spot, she is the queen of deep kissing and breast sucking and out to prove it. Now Lana in her skimpy school girl skirt believes she can tongue with the best of them and soon both tongues are deep in each other and getting wet, their juices flow out of their mouths and down their chests as their wet tongues dance like dutiful little soldiers ordered to go deep and often. Then to the couch where each has a turn at licking those now erect nipples, then suck up the whole breast, then let the juices flow till both breasts are wet and stimulated to the point of no return. But they are by no means done, they both look for that last erotic spot and find it at the navel, wet tongues now stimulate the belly button as in deep they go. Still by no means done as to the floor the go and start the kissing all over again, then more wet breast action and let us not forget the belly. It’s all constant and all juicy, and I do mean juicy – you will need a towel just to watch this one – so sexy and so much fun watching these two stimulate each other to the ultimate !!!!!


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