SPECIAL FANTASIES – Francesca vs. Paris


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Francesca Le vs. Paris Kennedy



Time: 40 Minutes/ 870 MB

Hot, hot, hot kissing and sucking – ok there isn’t much wrestling but oh boy is this one hot; Paris Kennedy and Francesca Le both work at a Lesbian strip club and need to work out a new routine to make more money, Paris is hesitant as she is not a lesbian and is engaged but finally she agrees. Oh my when these two start attacking each other with their wet tongues it’s a thing of beauty. We go from deep kissing to licking then sucking their voluptuous breasts, they roll and grind all over the room. When Fran squeezes the red heads tits and then sucks them up into her wet mouth we feel the hot passion between these two. It is so much fun to watch these two turn each other on and on and on – the wet tongues can’t stop, the hands can’t stop and we can’t stop watching. There may not be wrestling but we can forgive that when we have two such hot ladies – so hot Paris has a surprise for her boyfriend !!!!!!!


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