SPECIAL FANTASIES – Hollywood vs. Tylene


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Time: 21 Minutes/ 439 MB

These boots are made for stomping and that’s just what they’ll do! Yes it’s a boot match and it doesn’t hurt that these boots are worn by two beautiful women, Hollywood in her leather jacket and Wellington boots, Tylene in her skin tight body suit and thigh high boots. Both these ladies love their boots but are determined to destroy that pair worn by the other feminine fighter. Desperately they try to rip the boots off and even when they are worn they attempt to destroy them by hitting, ripping and every other painful means they can think of. Eventually hollywood throws her leather jacket off revealing her skimpy tank top, she is now determined to destroy. It turns out to be a great fight with lots of scissors and other holds that allow them to go for the boots. So if you like boots or just pretty women wearing them and bent on destruction, then you will love this boot fantasy.


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