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Jemma Valentine vs. Brandy Smile


Time: 17 Minutes/ 384 MB

Jemma is a gorgeous blonde who speaks perfect English, she is stretching in the gym as Brandy secretly watches her, with each new flexible stretch the lust in Brandy grows, till finally she goes all the way over showing off her beautiful butt and Brandy can take no more. Brandy approaches her and offers her a match where if one can’t take the pain the other gets to have her way with her, our blonde is hesitant but finally agrees, instantly Brandy secures a bow and arrow and when Jemma succumbs Brandy satisfies her lust as she pulls the blonde’s top down and goes after her succulent breasts with her hands and mouth, then goes for some juicy kissing. This is just the beginning as each hold gives them both a chance to get sexy, after a back breaker Jemma gets her go at Brandy and she uses her long tongue to stroke the brunette’s pert nipples… both girls are now hot and into this sex driven match, they take off all their clothes and continue with an oh so sexy grapevine then a surf board and after each the girls do some sensual stroking and kissing as they caress and lick their beautiful asses, up and down they go all over the back sides of their fabulous bodies and then back to kissing as they so love the sex. Wrestling holds and sex with beautiful naked ladies… we love it!!!


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