SPECIAL FANTASIES – Celeste & Abigail vs Randy, Miko & Scott


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Time: 24 Minutes/ 502 MB

Four girls one guy, well that sounds like a fantasy right there, a fantasy most men have had but this one is a bit different, yes the guy is the pimp of Celeste Star and Abigail Mac and they are trying to separate from him; big mistake. The pimp shows up with two of his girls Randy Moore and Miko Sinz, they are all in masks and ready to teach the two rebels a lesson, and that lesson is a good ass kicking, and I do mean that literally because both these beautiful asses get kicked, punched, slapped and all over battered. Not just their butts but their sweet breasts, the tops are pulled down and they are thrown against the outside wall where their breasts are gouged and pinched. We go inside for some double action on poor Celeste as she is bent over the couch so they can better get after her nylon clad ass. Then to Abby’s beautiful butt in her skin tight work out pants. Now they are back outside, Abigail only in her nylons and Celeste is also topless. Our villains walk them up and down as they maul their asses, then it’s back to mauling their breasts. Inside, outside, change of clothes but always attack the chests and butts – four girls, one guy and beautiful butts and breasts – a true fantasy !!!!!


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