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Jenni Czech vs. Kerri


Time: 19 Minutes/ 403 MB

When you think of big, strong, beautiful blondes – Jenni Czech is first in line, yes this is one gorgeous blonde, so when little Kerri was set up to fight her, well it just didn’t seem fair – and it wasn’t. Jenni woman handled the little girl – LIFT AND CARRY – that’s what the whole match was, she would pick up the feisty little grappler then throw her down and put on a few painful holds. Soon the spunky little beauty was up and soon in a bear hug carry, then to the floor for a choke – back up agin, now Jenni throws her over her shoulder then turns her upside down before dropping her. A cradle carry then over her shoulders backwards and the tops come off, theses two wild women love to play. Jenni never looked so beautiful, her ultra blonde hair against her tan skin and then to watch her twirl the sleek little Kerri around like she is her toy, her baton. This is some high lifting fun with more lifts and carries than we have ever seen, and so many unique ones, you will love seeing this small body slide over the big blonde as she takes her up one side her body and down the other — this is LIFT AND CARRY as you have never seen it before!!!!


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