SPECIAL FANTASIES Layla vs. Misty – Part 2 of 3


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Time: 20 Minutes/ 396 MB

WOW, I got to tell you this is the best weapons battle ever! These ladies look so sexy in their braids and such a contrast Layla Sinn with her dark exotic skin and Misty Lovelace with her milky white veneer, she looks like a Viking warrior. And oh do these ladies go for it, they will be vying to see who can thrust her weapon deep – they stretch and pull as their amazing bodies contort trying not to get stabbed and then finally into the tit or gut a thirst is delivered and we witness the agony of defeat as they writhe with pain. Then back at it, the loser is jacked to get revenge and they lock up weapons in hand, these girls really strain and are so impressive with their endless energy as they vie for position. Energy and great fighting all the way through, they went for more than an hour so we broke it into three parts. They also use swords, they look so like warriors from the past and their bodies are so fit and sexy – some of the sexiest fighting ever as Layla takes charge and does so seem to like grinding on the youngster. The harder they fight the more Layla likes it, the exertion seem to turn her on and one can understand why, watching these braided warriors press their bodies together is so glorious. We all know and love Layla but this Misty is a star in the making, she is ready to shine. Three parts, all of them fabulous, my be the best weapons battle ever!!!!


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