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Karlie Montana vs. Ivy Sloan


Time: 22 Minutes/ 471 MB

Butts, butts and more butts, and what better way to see them than with some good old fashioned wedgies – and who has one of the very best fannies around, none other than Karlie Montana and she will be taking on another full seated girl, Ivy Sloan. These are not just wedgies from the back but also front splitting cloth daggers, Karlie does one on poor Ivy that almost lifts her off the ground, her bikini bottom works it’s way high into her sweet spot, and Ivy gets some great pulls on Karlie’s round mounds of firmness as she makes each cheek seem to go in separate directions. But when they get those mutual tugs of pain, oh those are the best, both beauties pulling to split their foes – they vie for position getting in some great holds, as when Karlie sits on Ivy and pulls her ass up to her face, applies the wedgie then spanks her pained cheeks just for the fun of it. Also some of the best are when they just hold each other down and pull with all their might, pull to split her from the front and from the back. Who will be the WEDGIE QUEEN? It won’t matter, because these two make it just so much fun to find out — butts, butts and more butts!!!!!!


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