SPECIAL FANTASIES – Kristie vs. Odette


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Kristie vs. Odette


Time: 28 Minutes/ 637 MB

THE ULTIMATE IN DESTRUCTION!!! That is exactly what this match is, and if you want total annihilation who do you call? That’s right, non other than the destroyer herself, Kristie Etzold and if you want the supreme victim then of course you call in Odette Delacroix. Poor little blonde is waiting to see who her opponent is and she is a bit nervous so you can imagine how she feels when the big meanie leaps in the ring. One huge body splash and our blonde realizes she was just brought here to be fodder for the big red head, she is no more than a training dummy to be tossed around, destroyed and humiliated. And the destruction is complete – with lots of chokes, face distortion, writing on her body, stripping her top off, smothers, more writing, humiliation, and one of the most amazing ending ever!!!! Yes, the ending is so worth it, if you had told me I probably wouldn’t have thought it possible but seeing is believing — fabulous, you won’t want to miss this ultimate destruction !!!!!


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