SPECIAL FANTASIES – Minnie vs. Henessy Part 1 of 2


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Minnie vs. Henessy


Time: 21 Minutes/ 417 MB

The arms shake, the face grimaces, the muscles tense as they strain to plunge the knives in – so sexy these two topless warriors are: Henessy and Minnie, two of the sleek beauties from Europe. Yes, you asked for it so here it is, another great weapons battle, and these two are both intent on winning, so much so that some of those thrusts leave some real red makes on their firm guts. Over and over they struggle till one finally makes that fatal thrust, then the long last groan of demise, the victor strokes the weapon over the loser then rises and raises her hands in victory. Soon they are ready to do it all over again – their beautiful young bodies get stretched over pads and balls as they strive to plunge destruction in. Everyone loves a good struggle with two hot babes only this one takes it one step further – if you have not gotten into the weapons battles, then this may be the one to start with as these are two hot Euro babes that truly love a good weapons battle !!!!


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