SPECIAL FANTASIES – Natalie vs. Mellanie


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Natalie Minx vs. Mellanie Monroe


Time: 22 Minutes/ 483 MB

This may not belong in the fantasy category as it as so many aspects to it, but because it is dominated by bear hugs we put it here. The gorgeous brunette Natalie Minx takes on the big busted blond Mellanie Monroe in this bear hug and so much more match. Yes we have the crushing air restricting hugs – front, reverse, on their knees and much more but we are also treated to a series of gut wrenching scissors. Mellanie has gotten a bit bigger so when the two girls get into a butt slamming contest she seems to have the advantage but when they work each other in the corners Natalie gets her revenge with the slamming gut slugs. Two girls we haven’t seen for awhile are trying to impress, they even throw in a corner butt smother and when both get topless we are treated to breast smothers and then of course back to those great bear hugs. Like I said there is a bit of everything here, so if you like Natalie or Mellanie and want to see these bare breasted warriors go at each other then this is the one for you.


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