SPECIAL FANTASIES – Tanya vs. Celeste


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Tanya Danielle vs. Celeste Star


Time: 17 Minutes/ 346 MB

The luscious Tanya puts sexy Celeste in an elaborate metal contraption that clamps around her neck, then goes down her back where it cuffs her wrists and ankles. Her victim secured she proceeds to have her way with her, tweaking her pert nipples and savagely attacking the rest of her vulnerable, sleek brown body. Poor Celeste can take no more and Tanya tires of her torture, but when she is gone Celeste escapes and lies in wait for Tanya. Upon her return it’s Celeste’s turn to employ some hardware – Tanya is fitted with a metal collar around her neck and her wrists cuffed, now it’s Tanya’s tantalizing body that gets the business. Her billowing breasts are attacked as she is defenseless against the destruction – her entire sleek figure is under assault as Celeste gets her revenge!


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