SPECIAL FANTASIES – Tanya vs. Tylene Part 2 of 2


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Tanya Danielle vs. Tylene Buck


Time: 15 Minutes/ 325 MB

Two of the sexiest blonds ever! Tylene and Tanya are at it in this sex driven match, a fight soon turns into a long choke hold and Tanya sucks the air and will out of Tylene, then stripes her naked and has her way with her. Now when Tanya has her way with someone she likes it both ways, she’s tender and caressing but on a dime she can turn into the tormenter. Poor Tylene, one minute her voluptuous body is approaching nirvana and the next she is screaming in pain. Stroking, sucking, rubbing – then slapping, grabbing, scratching – will poor Tylene ever reach her climax?


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