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Time: 15 min

Two sweaty young boxers swinging with nothing but bad intentions, Andie Devine and Celeste Star give us a fabulous fight, no frenetic motion, no wasted energy – no these girls stalk each other then go in for the kill. Celeste starts out topless and attacking, they hold each other and hit with devastating gut slugs, back and forth they hold and throw – great head locks laced with more gut bombs. Andie gets in the first good head shot, Celeste goes down and once up she is battered with pounding kidneys punches. Finally Celeste turns the tables and puts Andie on the mat with a body lifting gut blow followed by a super head shot. That’s the way it is all the way through this great battle, they take turns smashing each other – they can barely move but still the blows come, the sweat flows down their beautiful bodies and each blow throws their wet locks across their salty faces. Beautiful bad girls with bad intentions in all their blows makes for on great bout!!!


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