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Time: 19 min

Half and half, half boxing and half wrestling, best of both worlds with two of the best beauties: Celeste Star and Capri Cavanni. These two evenly matched beauties start out topless boxing, the challenge is; whoever is knocked down four times is the loser. Sexy Capri strikes first with two gut shots that take sleek Celeste by surprise and then follows up with some good head shots putting Celeste down first but not for long, the determined warrior bounds up to return the favor and after some jaw cracking shots she has Capri down. It continues like this for the fist half, each getting in good shots on these rock hard guts and then head shots that do the real damage. The score mounts up as they both get in their licks, finally one wins the challenge but instantly wants to wrestle to avenge her loss and we are off to a fabulous wrestling match. Their beautiful breasts are the first victim as Capri mounts Celeste and attacks her vulnerable chest, from the bottom Celeste returns the favor as she puts the claw on both titties. Soon they are chest bumping in the corner till one decides to go all the way and lays her teeth into those inviting mammaries, both of them including the nipples. This breast destruction continues till a bear hug and a severe back to back back-breaker rack makes one unable to continue. Two delectable beauties giving their all in a fabulous half and half battle, what more could one ask for?


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