Addie vs. Nicole


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Addie Juniper vs. Nicole Oring


Time: 16 Minutes/ 322 MB

Addie Juniper has wrestled a lot down south, now she is out here in California to take on some DT girls, we give this spunky brunette one of our toughest ladies, Nicole Oring. These two get right down to action, Nicole loves competition and Addie came ready to rumble, both girls have great legs and are soon using them to destroy their opponents, they wrap their strong gams around necks and waists. Soon the tops are ripped off and we can see Addie is in great shape in all areas, but this is no powder puff, no this girl has been in her share of cat fights and she has something to prove. She is bigger than Nicole, now she wants to prove she is badder. Beautiful young bodies that know their way around a ring and enjoy rolling on each other. Addie got a taste of DT and she wants to come back for more – she is scheduling many more trips here because she loves wrestling and you will love watching this beauty as she is up for anything and enjoys everything!


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