Alyssa vs. Star


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Alyssa Reece vs. Star Nine


Time: 21 Minutes/ 418 MB

Star Nine is a little cutie with her lithe body and blond hair but getting in the ring with tough Alyssa is a real challenge for a new girl. The match starts out slow, both girls feeling each other out and staying in their holds as long as they can but once a few gut blows are landed they lossen up and get to it. Alyssa exposes Star Nine’s pert, supple breasts for an attack and Star retaliates by taking off Alyssa’s top – big mistake as Alyssa uses this to choke her with. As the match progresses it gains some heat and interesting positions as Star Nine gets on top of the sleek Alyssa and contorts her legs and body and eventually goes for an old fashioned two handed choke. She’s new and oh so cute – Star Nine another fresh face for DT and you.


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