Celeste vs. Angelica


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Celeste Star vs. Angelica Raven


Time: 19 Minutes/ 365 MB

Angelica Raven is well named as her thick mane is the color of a Raven, her jet black hair flows over her beautiful young face as she smiles parting her full lips. She seems so young and innocent but that belies the fire burning within this young lady. She will need all of it, as she takes on one of our wildest women – sexy Celeste. A mutual bear-hug gets us started and then to the mat where Celeste seems to take control but Angelica Raven soon turns this into a choke and we realize this girl is here to fight – she’s not ready to lose to anyone. Celeste again takes over and pulls down Angelica Raven’s top revealing her supple breasts and to Celeste these are just another target, but do not count this Raven out – she is by no means done – she soon has Celeste in a painful bow and arrow stretch and there’s even more for the now astonished Celeste. Both these ladies enjoy a good romp on the canvas and they will pass that joy on to you. Angelica Raven came ready to rumble – add a new and beautiful fresh face to the D.T. lineup.


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