Angela vs. Puma


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Angela Sommers vs. Puma


Time: 21 Minutes/ 469 MB

Angela Sommers in a super tight body revealing one-piece red suit and wrestling boots; so sexy this blonde beauty, but how can she compete with the amazing Puma? Maybe with a weapon, yes, she comes in and hits the big cat in the head a few times with her big hammer, she seems to have done it, but wait, least we all forget, Puma not only has a hard head but there is very little in it – the empty headed Puma is soon back on the attack and revenge was never sweater. He starts right off picking her up and after he chokes her he slams her down on his knee, poor Angela is not ready for the onslaught of pain she is about to receive. She is soon stretched backwards in a rocking horse, then come the host of holds; leg scissors, arm stretches, camel clutch, surf board, arm bars, body slams, lifts, many varied chokes and sooo many more – may favorite is when he takes her fabulous body and bends it back over the top rope while he lies on the ground for more leverage. Yes, the big cat does it all in this fabulous beat down, how dare this big beautiful blonde think she even has a chance against the big cat, yes, his head may be empty except for his thoughts of destruction – he is like the idiot savant of wrestling – he knows only one thing, one direction… and it’s all aimed at destruction!!!


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