Prinzzess vs. Puma


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Prinzzess vs. Puma


Time: 23 Minutes/ 520 MB

This is one of those super wild manager fights, Prinzzess has taken over as Puma’s manager and she is very upset at all the money it’s costing her to fix his fights – WHAT, FIX HIS FIGHTS! Puma is outraged but Princess is more outraged and wants even more money, in fact she is so mad she wants to fight him in the ring. They meet the next day but Prinzzess has a fix in with Matt the ref so she is ready to kick the big cat’s ass. Princess still in her long white gown enters the ring and finds ways to destroy poor Puma before the match even starts, and when it starts she has an ultimate surprise for him, it disables him and she begins her destruction. She beats the hell out of Puma, then takes on the ref and finally everything gets turned upside down and she ends up agains both guys, that’s right both Puma and Matt are out to get the Prinzzes and yes she gets stripped out of her gown and double teamed to ultimate destruction: over the shoulder carries while the other pounds and slaps her, lots of great double teaming holds to punish this mouthy, bossy bitch in her sexy heels, nylons and lingerie. This one has everything, so get ready for a double teaming mixed match that goes all the way !!!!!


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