Puma vs. Holly


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Holly Heart vs. Puma


Time: 20 Minutes/ 442 MB

How lucky can Puma be, wrestling Holly Heart in this so sexy cheerleader outfit, her long flowing blonde hair spreads over her orange leotard with her big breasts busting out and her gorgeous bubble butt flowing out from the thin lines – and then she has him in a face sit where she squeezes those milky white thighs around his head, oh what a lucky man he is. But of course she isn’t sitting long because the big cat is soon back on the prowl and eventually grabs that long blonde mane so he can control blondie, then take her for some power lifting and then drop her to the floor where he pulls down her top so he can tweet her sexy nipples. Now on to his usual destruction full of bending all her sexy limbs to the breaking point, and choking her to the brink of breathlessness. Oh and when he drapes that beautiful body over his shoulders and her long blonde hair falls and keeps falling almost to the floor – a true sight to behold. If you haven’t met Holly Heart yet you are in for a real treat, this blonde vixen is a beauty that is so much fun to watch and this girl can really wrestle, of course she is not challenge for the one and only Puma – another great mixed match with this super blonde!!!


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