Ariella vs. Jamie


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Ariella Ferrera vs. Jamie Lynn


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Can we handle another hot new girl – I mean this girl is on fire, Ariella Ferrera is the new addition and she came with both barrels loaded – those barrels are right in front of her and they are loaded with luscious flesh. Yes, Ariella is one large breasted lady and she uses them to full advantage as she constantly smothers her opponent the sleek, gorgeous Jamie Lynn. Spunky Jamie is ready to destroy this newcomer but this bronze curvaceous beauty is up to the task – she is loving this wrestling, constantly smiling as she truly enjoys the physical play. Ariella learns very quickly, when she can’t get out of a hold, she bites, hard she clamps down on Jamie’s tender breasts. At one time they are in the center of the ring each with hands full of breast, they shake and twist so violently the whole ring shook. A beautiful face, a fabulous body and an attitude full of joy – you are going to love this beauty and will most definitely be seeing a lot more of her!!!!


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