Jenni Czech vs Akira


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Jenni Czech vs Akira


Time: Minutes 17/ 390MB

Jenni Czech, wow – blonds do have more fun! This is one hot babe and she couldn’t be more fun, that Eastern European accent, the white blond hair, a waist your could wrap one arm around and legs so shapely and strong they could truly squeeze the life out of you – but mostly it’s the smile that constantly crosses her gorgeous face. The smile is there because this young one so enjoys wrestling, the joy is infectious – you will be smiling as you watch her. So to make this the perfect match we paired her with one of our happiest brunettes, Akira Lane, loves to smile as she destroys – we are so happy to have the lovely Asian beauty back and what better way to welcome her than with a new-be blond bombshell. The match is loaded with action, lots of chokes and stretches and of course Jenni puts those crushing legs to work as she wraps them all around the beautiful brown skin of Akira — you will love Jenni Czech, one of the hottest blonds we have had since JC and Tylene joined us and she is coming back this summer so get ready, yes get ready to; SMILE A LOT!!!


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