Ashley Edmonds vs. Puma


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Ashley Edmonds vs. Puma


Time: 21 Minutes/ 375MB

Time for a tough new blond and Ashley Edmonds is just the girl, she’s so tough she wants to take on a man and we have just the guy for her -none other than the PUMA. Now this beautiful blond is spunky and can probably beat her share of guys but this is the PUMA – but wait is that Ashley with Puma’s head between her supple but very strong legs, Puma’s not used to this. Tough as she is Puma reverses the dominance and once in charge he makes her pay, he wants to let her know who’s boss and uses every mean and pain filled hold he has and once in the hold he takes it to that extra suffering measure. Ashley is a tough, beautiful, blond FRESH FACE, but taking on the Puma was more than she bargained for.


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