Ashley vs. Randy


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Another new girl, are you kidding me, how many pretty girls can DT get in the ring? They go on for ever and ever, we will always be bringing you new ladies and now it’s time for a hot red head, Ashley Graham is her name and getting hot is her game. Ashley has on some sexy lingerie with thigh high stocking and heels, and who is this on the other side of the ring, also in lingerie, stockings and heels – non other than the girl with that body, Randy Moore. So cool to see these ladies go at it in such sexy garb, and we soon find out Ashley loves dishing out the punishment, her two favorite spots are Randy’s gorgeous breasts and her lacy panties – those bottoms get pulled ever which way, from front and back she wedgies poor Randy – her legs and ass look so gorgeous when those panties ride high inside her, she raises up as her butt protrudes out. Then she attacks those breasts as both tops are now off, tweaking the nipples seems to really get her off. Punishment also allows Ashley to show off her gorgeous body as she struts around the ring in her sexy garb – so get ready all, a new red head is in town looking for action and her name is Ashley Graham.


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