Susana vs. Brandy


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Time: 17 Minutes / 379 MB

A Euro Fresh Face, Susana Melo, such a little doll, the tightest petite natural body, slim but with a protruding butt that makes this little red head really stand out. She is so shy that it is almost seems a shame to put her in with the super tough Brandy, and the brunette now has her own studio and is planing on teaching this newbie some wrestling. With a scissors then arm bar she tortures the sleek waif, then she demands she take her top off as Brandy likes getting a good look at her girls, soon the top isn’t enough she has her strip naked as does Brandy. This is the way Brandy always likes to wrestle, flesh on flesh and her new play toy has some soft luscious flesh. Now that they are naked Brandy wants to put her in a bear hug, and who can blame her, Susana is so squeezable, then a grapevine where Brandy can really get pussy to pussy with the red head and we all get a good look at that pierced pussy. Finally a leg spreader where Susana finds she likes this wrestling and really starts applying some pressure of her own, tough mean Brandy gets a bit of pay back. Wrestling the way the Euros like it, nude – so they can show off their natural bodies in all their glory… we love it!!!


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