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Time: 25 min

How sexy can two girls get with oil – Tylene Buck and JC Marie are about to find out. Tylene shows up to the ring in her short party dress and JC invites her to practice some new wrestling holds – sounds good to Tylene. But first JC wants them both to strip naked and oil each other up – Tylene loves this idea and soon they are sliding their oily hands over each others sexy bodies. This is so pleasurable to both ladies they can’t stop – over and over they rub each other, then they press their wet bodies together and slide across each other, trading positions – breast to breast, butt to butt – THEY LOVE IT! More oil, more oil – they don’t even stat the wrestling till over fifteen minutes in and then they keep it playful. JC later in an interview said this was her favorite match and you will know why when you see it – these ladies love to touch their, wet oily bodies together. Not much wrestling but two of the sexiest naked bodies you will ever see in oil – and OH DO THEY LOVE IT!


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