Cadence vs. Capri


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Time: 18 Minutes / 407 MB

She’s a wild one this Cadence, as seen by her fiery red hair and body full of tatts, she may be new but her energy is endless, even in the post interview she couldn’t stop bouncing on the ropes – her breasts bounding across her chest. She went up against the sexy Capri Cavanni, they both took awhile to get their rhythm, neither was too sharp to start but once they got going it became fun. The wild red head truly enjoys going skin to skin, but then who wouldn’t with the sexy Capri, who squealed with each scissors and there were a lot of them, mostly around the gut but some to the head and my favorite was when Cadence wrapped her sleek legs around Capri’s leg and ass and began to slug her. Capri got in her slugs to the face and gut also lots of breast gouging as Red’s breasts were begging to be pulled and squeezed. Sexy Capri and the wild red headed stranger with the tattooed sleek body, quite a wonderful contrast – if you like em full of energy and tatts than this red head may be just for you !!!!


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