Christina Carter vs Emily Addison


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Christina Carter vs Emily Addison


Time: 18 Minutes/ 372 MB

Emily Addison is known for her fetish modeling, so when she goes for a pin-up contest she expects to win but she didn’t plan on Christina Carter also up for the same contest. Both ladies dressed in sexy lingerie, heels, garter belts and stockings are waiting on the couch as they start to tell each other why she should win and not her – my breasts, may ass, my legs. A cat fight ensues, they immediately go for each others breasts and the blond with the milky skin kicks Christina to the floor but the curvaceous Christina is a veteran and throws a hard one into Emily’s groin – both ladies on their knees, now lock into a fierce bear hug squeezing their luscious breasts to a flatter state. From here we are off on a destructive adventure of waist scissors, head scissors and so much more and always they attack the breasts and what ever else they can destroy. Emily Addison is a gorgeous blond and a fabulous new FRESH FACE – and another great addition to D.T..


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