Mellanie vs Miko


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Mellanie Monroe vs Miko Sinz


Time: 22 Minutes/ 434 MB

Mellanie Monroe, big beautiful blond, new to DT but not new to fighting as she displays in her debut with the petit but always game grappler, Miko. Mellanie with her pink and black bikini, pink boots and bows on each side of her bottoms seems so the picture femininity but look closer and you’ll see those bows are black – black for the part of her that loves destruction. Marvelous Miko gets in her shots even taking over at times but it seems Mellanie likes the pain, like she’s just toying with her little doll till she decides to rip off the dolls arms and head and pour sand down the hole in her doll’s neck. Then Mellanie makes sure poor Miko gets a good look at what Mellanie calls her best feature – her robust buttocks – she forces Miko’s face up close and personal. So welcome Mellanie Monroe a fresh face for DT – one that really enjoys climbing through those ropes then climbing on top of another girl – she was made to wrestle!!


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