Danielle vs. Puma


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Danielle Trixie vs. Puma


Time: 21 Minutes/ 485 MB

There is nothing more fun than watching Puma and his manager Miss Hancock, (Danielle Trixie). This is the name Danielle uses for her managerial company, she is one tough business lady, so when she gets fifty percent of the Puma’s winning and he hasn’t been winning, she is very angry – oh he has lots of excuses but those just make her madder, eventually she hikes up her business skirt, climbs into the ring and starts beating him with the contract. This isn’t enough so she attacks him with a good kick to the gut and once she has him off balance the real beating comes; she chokes him then mounts him and slams away at his gut. He tries to crawl away and again she mounts him, choking and kidney bashing – it’s an all out Puma pillage as the angry blonde still in her heels and white tights goes crazy. Finally Puma gets away and gains his composure, he figures she won this fist fall but he wants two more falls and immediately secures a killer choke, now it’s his turn to play destroyer and we all know how the big cat enjoys it; over his back he lifts her many times just to show her who is superior, then to the mat where he can take off her skirt and destroy her in her pristine white lingerie. Destruction in every possible way, how dare this manager have the audacity to talk that way to the one and only Puma. But remember there is still one more fall, will her anger come back to get the best of Puma? Who ever wins, when these two get together we know we are guaranteed real destruction !!!!


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