Kymberly Jane vs. Grunt


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Kymberly Jane vs. Grunt


Time: 19 Minutes/ 378 MB

Grunt, that’s his name and fighting is his game – he wants to fight women and he is about the same size as many of the women, so this is a real competitive match – that’s right, real. Now like all our competitive matches there is no hitting. kicking, biting, hair pulling and all that other stuff, also scissors were not allowed – pins or submissions to win. So what girl was spunky enough to want to take on a man, Kymberly Jane said she welcomed the opportunity, nothing she likes better than kicking a guy’s ass. Now while Grunt may be her size she soon found out he was quite strong and very quick, yes, Grunt soon had Kym flat on her back and only all her years of experience would save her, but eventually he overpowered her and got his pin. Kym’s great conditioning and skill brings her back and evens up the match but this turns out to be a very rough match that lasted longer than we usually let the competitive matches go. The spunky red head loses her top and her beautiful breasts are soon smashed against his chest as she struggles to pin this strong agile young guy. Over and over they roll and strain as the mighty struggle of male vs. female continues – a very even battle but finally we have a winner. This is a great one and my only regret was we didn’t get a shot of Kymberly’s chest when she left as the poor girl was all red from canvas burns, she put a lot of energy and skin in this battle !!! Grunt Says he’s ready to take on more willing ladies so get ready for more great competitive fights !!!!


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