Darrius vs. Cali


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Darrius vs.Cali Logan


Time: 21 Minutes/ 486 MB

It’s a double header day — yes two mixed matches featuring the one and only Cali Logan. First we find the spunky lass taking on the mighty Darrius, Cali is determined to give him a battle and for awhile she does – those sleek strong legs wrap around his waist and the groans display her determination; but Darrius is commited to show her who’s boss. Not just once but many times as this is a multi fall match, valiantly she kicks out but eventually he gets that pin. Gorgeous Cali continues to fight but the power of this man wears her down, the painful holds and all the slams – over and over he picks her up and tosses her hard to the canvas. She keeps fighting and he continues to destroy — her gorgeous body is twisted and torn till she can take no more.


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