Erika vs. Puma


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Erika Jordan vs. Puma


Time: 18 Minutes/ 396 MB

Erika Jordan is just such a petit package of beauty and muscle, Puma was almost salivating when she came in the ring – something about these small tough girls that he just loves. He probably loves the fact that he can toss them over his shoulder with ease, and that is just what he does to our feisty little warrior, then her stretches her over the corner turnbuckle where he almost pulls her apart, then there’s that great stretch as she sits and he puts his foot in her back and pulls her arms almost out of her sockets, we see all her stomach muscles flex as she strains to hold it together. I especially love when he smacks her cute little ass after another killer hold, yes the big cat is having his fun with another gorgeous lady – Erika is a spunky beauty but no match for the Puma. Have another great time watching the master of mauling as he destroys another sexy wild cat !!!!


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