Danielle vs. Puma


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Danielle Trixie vs. Puma


Time: 20 Minutes/ 422 MB

Puma is mad, his manager Danielle Trixie didn’t get him a training partner – wild with rage he picks her up by the crotch and neck, holds her high till she agrees to be his training partner. She slowly takes off her sexy white dress leaving only her white thigh high stockings and red lingerie, soon the big cat is at work releasing his rage on the poor damsel who is not ready for a training session with this big brut, over and over he displays wrestling techniques and holds on the unsuspecting manager. Constantly he lifts her high over head with his hand in her tender crotch and the other at her neck, over and over he works this pain filled lift. Her crotch is worked over in so many other ways; puts her on the rope and drags her across it, wraps her sexy legs around the ring post as he gets on the outside and pulls till she screams in pain, then on the ground he works over all parts of her beautiful body but especially the now very tender crotch – this is destruction the blonde manages will never forget !!!!!


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