Francesca vs. Jade


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Francesca Le vs. Jade


Time: 20 Minutes/ 394 MB

SO YOU WANT TO BE A WRESTLER! You have a girlfriend or a wife you would like to see wrestle one of our girls, or maybe it’s that girl down at the local dinner you’d love to see slamming it on the canvas. Well that’s just how we met Jade, her husband said how his wife would love to take on one of your ladies, she’s had a few kids but she’s very fit and knows some Jiu Jitsu. We enlisted one of our toughest veterans; Francesca, and the match was on – when Jade showed up we knew we had a fight on our hands because this housewife was one fit lady, not an ounce of fat – ripped from head to toe and she loved to roll. What Jade lacked in experience she made up for in toughness and strength. It was a great match with lots of holds of pain delivered by both of these game grapplers. Francesca was very impressed as will you be when you watch the fighting housewife and mother kick some ass. So grab you girlfriend, wife or local barmaid and set up a fight and see if she’s as good as Jade. Oh and by the way Jade enjoyed it so much she wants to come back, so go ahead and write up that custom match and we can see her again.


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