Danielle vs. Mallory


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Danielle Trixie vs. Mallory Page


Time: 17 Minutes/ 349 MB

One new girl is great fun, so two new girls is a real party and that’s just what we have in store for you, a party with Danielle Trixie and Mallory Page. Danielle is a curvy little blond with lots of spunk and Mallory is a full figured beauty with milky white skin. These two wildcats get right to business and that means quickly ripping the tops off of each other and mauling. Danielle’s tan lean legs are soon wrapped tight around Mallory’s ivory skin. So much fun watching two newbies roll, trying desperately to best each other. Danielle comes up with a fun hold as she sits on Mallory’s chest and then crosses her legs around her head, it’s a thing of beauty. These two work all kinds of scissors and chokes as they try to inflict pain. Girls just want to have fun – especially if they’re new, topless and in a ring. Revel in the newness of it all with two fresh faces!


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