Samantha vs. Star


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Samantha Ryan vs. Star 9


Time: 26 Minutes/ 502 MB

Samantha Ryan, as cute as they come but can she wrestle? That’s for the perky, blond beauty to find out, Star Nine is up for the challenge. Not long ago Star Nine was in her Fresh Faces video, now she feels she’s ready to step up to slapping around some new girls, but this new enticing brunette is ready to roll and meets Star head on. Both of these sleek young bodies roll around looking for their chance to cinch their shapely legs into a tight scissors, or twist a limb, or anything that gives them an edge. We love the energy of these new girls, yes both of these lovelies are up for putting on a show, they so badly want you to like them. Samantha is a sublime beauty eager for more time in the ring and I’m sure she’ll get it as she’s a fresh face worth watching.


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