Jamie Lynn vs. Martina


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Time: 21 Minutes / 481 MB

D.T. needs a new hot young blonde and here she is: Ms Martina Warren, one very sexy blonde that loves to roll around on the canvas, a British native who still sports that sexy accent. She has a tattoo down one side of her that adds some color to her milky white skin. Who better to put this newcomer in her place than the always spunky beauty, Jamie Lynn. Jamie plans on teaching this new-be some manners but soon finds blondie came to fight, she may not know the ropes but she is determined to use them to strange her opponent. Both soon have their tops off and sleek Jamie goes after Martina’s beautiful breasts as she tweaks her pert nipples, and squishes her supple breast flesh. It’s scissors and chokes and heads to the turnbuckle, this novice is learning the hard way but she is no wimp and dishes out some of her own punishment. She is a beauty that wants to be part of the team and how can we resist a gorgeous blonde with a sexy accent who is so eager to roll over the canvas — lets put this blonde bombshell to work!!!!


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