Ariel X vs Taylor Vixen


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Time: 19 Minutes / 459 MB

She’s a Vixen alright, a fox of the highest order – Taylor Vixen, joins the DT bouquet of beauties, she is a gorgeous raven harried flower. But can she wrestle or more importantly does she enjoy rolling on the canvas with other beauties, does she enjoy the physical contact? To answer these questions we enlist the aid of one of the all time best; Ariel X, yes the X will let us know if this cutie is for real. Ariel takes her down right away but Taylor fights back and they are soon locking up when X forces Taylor to the corner to test out her gut with slugs and kicks, then a foot choke, our new flower may be wilting — no, they are back to a lock-up and this time Taylor takes X to the corner where we find out she can slug as she batters X’s gut – yes she’s a keeper! More of Ariel’s vicious holds prove our newbie is a tough cutie, she even dishes out her own camel clutch and when she gets Ariel’s top off she so enjoys choking the veteran with it, she can dish it out and she can take it. Wow, when the X takes off Vixen’s top we see two more of her fabulous assets, supple mounds of luscious pleasure. TAYLOR VIXEN, another fabulous addition, how can we be so lucky!!!!


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