Riley vs. Lyra


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Time: 19 Minutes / 425 MB

Time for a sexy young blonde, hell, it’s always time for a sexy young blonde and Riley Reynolds is here to fill the bill, she is a spunky sleek young hard bodied blonde that is looking to do a lot of wrestling, so who better to pair her with that our other hot newbie Lyra Louvel. Both of these beauties are out to prove who is tougher and they each want to do it with great wrestling holds. They start out topless and soon Riley has Lyra in the corner where she works over her gut then throws her to the canvas so she can show off her powerful legs as she puts on a body scissors, then to an arm bar and even shows off that she knows a figure four leg lock, with each hold she strains to add the ultimate pain and force Lyra to submit. Lyra is proving to be one amazing hottie and when she gets her turn she puts on the same holds and adds even a bit more pain, which gives us a good look at this beautiful new girl while she is stretched in that bow and arrow and all those other sexy holds. These young wild things are so much fun to watch and seeing them do wrestling holds makes it even better… so welcome this sexy new grappler, Riley Reynolds a hot young blonde who is looking for lots more action, so let’s give it to her!!!


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