Keira vs. Samantha


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Keira Kelly vs. Samantha Ryan


Time: 20 Minutes/ 447 MB

Fiery Irish red head, Keira takes on Samantha – she definitely has that Irish lust for a good fight, quickly letting poor Sam know it will be a long painful match. Full of energy this beautiful red head hits with everything but her shillalah, lots of good leg scissors, and chokes. Keira has a firm young body with pert breasts, an athlete that moves like a cat and fights like a lion, we have already used her on other fights and she is great, open to do anything and loves it all. Samantha even remarked how much energy and how good she was. And luck of the Iris, well we must have it because we are lucky to have such a fabulous Irish maid in our midst. Samantha swore she felt a little prick, and I don’t mean Keira no she said it was a leprechaun in that ring helping the fiery red head as she mined for her pot of gold. Keira is not only cute but a cunning Celtic warrior and always ready to put on a good show – so lets put Irish to work.


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