Layla vs. Cherie


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Time: 17 Minutes/ 409 MB

Can you handle another fabulous beauty, a hot brunette that loves to get physical, a long legged bronze skinned sex queen that… well you get the point. So maybe you can handle one more and trust me you will appreciate letting this one in the group because Layla Sin is so much fun. Again need to thank the folks at for introducing us to this wonderful wild women. She is fighting Cherie Deville and these two get a real roll on, and for a newbie she is a natural, even picked Cherie up giving the sexy blonde a real scare, yes she is a natural grappler and she loves getting physical even seems to enjoy it when it gets sexual as seen when they begin by sucking one each others breasts. Her long legs sinch up around Cherie’s thin waist as Layla sees how much fun it is to squeeze – she is hooked and you will be too because Layla Sin is for real, so get ready because you will be seeing a lot more of this beauty – welcome LAYLA SIN !!!!!!


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