Lien vs. Sinn


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Time: 17 Minutes/ 379 MB

Kick her ass Sinn! That’s right, this new bitch thinks she can take Sinn Sage’s gym space, well she better think again – now this is Europe but when Sinn wants her space she gets it. Lien is a sexy reddish brown haired tough girl, she is smacking the heavy bag with real authority as Sinn waits to confront her, their confrontation escalates quickly into a fight. Lien is a sleek warrior, not an ounce of fat and the American soon finds out this Euro lady is as tough as her – Lien secures a devastating head lock. Sinn finally struggles out and once she plants that beautiful big butt on the sleek one she gains control, then rolls over to a breath denying scissors. It tuns into a fabulous back and forth battle, these two have one thing in common, they love to fight nude, so we are soon treated to these wild fems sans clothes. This may not be the welcome Sinn was looking for on her trip to Europe as a killer Choke puts her to sleep, but she isn’t quite done yet, no these two are out for blood! Nude and wild just the way Lien likes it, welcome another great addition to the DT team – damn, we do love these Euro girls !!!!!!!


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