Candy vs. Minnie


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Time: 17 Minutes/ 334 MB

Two for one, DT is going crazy on this one, Candy and Minnie are two gorgeous girls and they are both fresh faces and I do mean fresh because these young cuties are oh so special. Young sweet Euro babes that love to get physical, hell, Minnie loves the physical so much she comes in the ring nude, this is why we love these Euro ladies so much – they love their bodies and enjoy being free of restrictive clothes. They smile and giggle because they are truly having fun, but they also want to win as shown by some of their tough wrestling, they even throw on some great holds; bow and arrows, ab stretches, figure fours, scissors and lots of wild rolling into fun positions – oh and of course Minnie soon rips Candy’s clothes off and we are treated to another great young body. These girls look so much alike, thank goodness one has reddish hair because when you see them both stretched out in the figure four leg hold their bodies are so similar, both with sleek firm figures and perky supple breasts, it’s a fabulous site. TWO FOR ONE and the two are SUPER FABULOUS NAKED EURO GIRLS !!!!! Our friends at loved these two so much that they put them in a sensual match that will be coming out soon – they are HOT !!!!!


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