Nicole vs. Man – Part 2 of 2


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Man vs. Nicole Oring


Time: 19 Minutes / 406 MB

She’s at it again, Nicole Oring is out to prove she’s the toughest woman alive! Last time she took on Pete, Darrius, and Leonard in an epic match to see if they could make her give, they tried every trick in the book and took her to the limit of total pain – that is EP-006-02 a and b and it is fantastic. So the powers that be wondered if she could do it again, she was up for it but who would she face this time — there he is handcuffed in the corner, a savage convict smuggled in from South America. The flaxen haired beauty accepts the challenge and uncuffs him, the large masked man lumbers out looking to destroy. It’s one savage battle, she has to last the time limit without giving and he can employ any and all weapons and tricks, oh and the ring is covered with barbed wire as are many of the weapons. The Asian assassin gets in her own blows and throw, she knows how to handle big thugs, but eventually he wears her down with the barbed wire bat up her middle and over her breasts, and that tortuous wedgie as a steel pipe winds up her bottoms till they are deep inside her. The big brut wants more of her skin to feel the pain so he strips her and covers her nakedness in pain. Splits her legs and slams her bottom into the wired posts, then sends her breasts in – so many more diverse devices of pain. How much pain can our naked beauty take — how long can she talk trash as he destroys her. She can’t take more — she can’t make it, please stop please no more — no, no not that……


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