Paris vs. Darrius


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Paris Kennedy vs. Darrius


Time: 24 Minutes/ 447 MB

WOW — MIXED BOXING AT IT’S BEST. Paris Kennedy is one hell of a boxer, Darrius can attest to as she takes him by surprise with some solid shots to the head, more and more heavy shots eventually have him backed into the corner where the mauling continues. Her shots are well thrown, hard and precise, once his head is throughly battered she goes to his gut, hard slams shake him to his core, each punch throws her beautiful breasts from side to side as she started out topless. These hard blows are shown so well from views from outside the ring, also some wonderful P.O.V. shots as the beautiful Paris throws her whole body into each punch. Clinching is all he has left, battered and staggering – how can he take such a beating? But he finally gets a few shots in and slowly he takes control and now it’s his turn for a one-sided slam fest, he slams her face then her tight gut, to the canvas she goes but this tough girl always gets up – her body quivers with each blow. They have both had their turn at destruction – but who ends up standing – who can take as swell as give. Some of the best one-sided destruction you will ever get to see – one-sided but done by both of them. A truly great mixed boxing bout!!!


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