Prinzzess vs. Cherokee Promise


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Prinzzess vs Cherokee Promise


Time: 18 Minutes/ 349 MB

SISTERS – OH YES!. That’s right sisters and not just sister but HOT SISTERS. Prinzzess brought in her sister Cherokee Promise, and this little sister is one solid built little tiger. We haven’t had sister since Mia brought in her sisters over ten yeas ago, and keeping it in the family always makes for some hot blooded fights. We all know how tough Prinzzess is so when she told me her sister was as tough if not tougher, well we got the two together and Prinzzess had not exaggerated. Cherokee came out in her indian braids and hard as a rock little tan body and was ready to beat up her sister, but big sister wasn’t ready for that insult, no she was the one with the experience. Little sister has the energy and she can fight – these two sister really go at each other, so much so that we had to set up a rematch when it was over because each one wanted another shot at her sibling. Sibling rivalry at it’s best – two gorgeous sister, neither wanting to give an inch. SISTERS – OH YES!!!!


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